Clear Advantage Group

"What really made a difference for us was that Clear Advantage Group was ready to work with us in any way we wanted... Our implementation was immediate, and helped shape our strategy for years to come."

__ Operations Manager,
Perkins Coie LLP

Once the work has been done analyzing all your data, making recommendations, obtaining bids and selecting a vendor, there is often an ongoing inability to be sure that the vendor is keeping up with your company's needs and performing tasks based on the contract.

For those clients who don't have the desire or capacity to monitor their technology and vendor performance, we offer the Clear Advantage Group Support Program.

When you select this option, we will work with you monthly to:

Obtain qualitative data from users regarding vendor performance and work with your vendor to verify contract compliance
Review and recommend upgrades in equipment based on actual usage
Monitor employee satisfaction and prepare ongoing reports of user feedback and usage patterns
Review all vendor invoices to assure compliance with original contract terms

Our overall goal is to assure all equipment and vendors meet user's needs, decrease redundancy where possible, and assure ongoing compliance with all vendor contractual terms.

This gives you the peace-of-mind to know that you maintain the level of service determined in the authorized agreement.