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"...Clear Advantage Group did an excellent job dissecting our complex contracts ... we were able to receive considerable concessions on our existing contract."

__ Corporate Resource Manager,
Russell Financial Services

Our case studies highlight details of projects which illustrate real savings to our clients.

Full Client Advocate Projects
Financial Institution — savings of $10,000,000 (28%) over 5 years View Details
Client Goals
  • Determine real costs of current vendor contract on Facilities Management and convenience copier programs
  • Review applications in Copy Center for best determination of labor, equipment and services needs
  • Increase vendor performance and prepare RFP specifications for bid process
  • Interviewed internal design and document preparation teams for review process
  • Produced internal survey results to committee members for recommendation
  • Delivered true vendor costs through contract review process
  • Outsourced labor and equipment for Facilities Management services
  • Reduced direct costs by $10,000,000 over five years
"The quality has increased ten fold and we have been able to save millions of dollars annually. I am convinced, due to CAG's vast experience and ability to implement best practices, our document management strategy is significantly more efficient and cost effective."
Retailer — savings of $23,000,000 (40%) over 5 years View Details
Client Goals
  • Reduce costs by as much as $300,000 over new term of contract
  • Improve vendor performance and accountability to client by providing negotiation tools to upgrade contracts
  • Provide technology direction as it relates to digital copying and printing migration strategies
  • Surveyed users for applications; provided snapshot of performance gaps by vendor
  • Benchmarked pricing for convenience and centralized copiers
  • Added printer technology to digital migration and provided vendor benchmarks while driving volume to correct digital device
  • Reduced direct costs by $23,000,000 over five years
"I can say without a shadow of a doubt that we were stunned by what savings took place. We were extremely happy that we hired PSA because of their unique way of addressing what we thought were typical solutions. They exceeded our expectations in every way. They also improved the quality of our services substantially at the same time … unbelievable! We absolutely recommend them."
Partial Client Advocate Projects
Manufacturer — savings of $750,000 (31%) over 3 years View Details
Client Goals
  • Eliminate vendor accountability issues
  • Benchmark pricing upon contract expiration through RFP process
  • Expand services via the Internet to distributor network
  • Reduce expenses by $150,000 minimum per year
  • Reduce term of contracts from 5 to 3 years while reducing costs
  • Surveyed users, focusing on core internal client issues
  • Selected industry vendors for client bid process
  • Generated RFP for approved vendors for centralized, convenience copiers and fax servers
  • Improved efficiency in vendor performance by 500%, reduced costs by $750,000 (over three years), increased vendor liability and upgraded all technologies
"... as a result of Clear Advantage Group’s process, we eliminated months of internal corporate research, received the independent expertise we lacked, and reduced the costs further than we thought possible. Our Internet strategy now allows our distributors to use our pricing online in real time. Their help was invaluable to our success."
Legal Firm — savings of $600,000 (28%) over 5 years View Details
Client Goals
  • Clear Advantage Group to assume a major role in client bid process; perform vendor interaction as well as negotiation
  • Standardize all vendor benchmarks and costs
  • Utilize industry benchmarks for all digital technology
  • Dramatically reduce costs from previously inflated pricing
  • Eliminate mandatory labor costs in Copy Center
  • Reviewed current vendor contract, equipment needs, and labor contract terms
  • Negotiated on behalf of client to reduce minimums and completely upgrade equipment to digital
  • Rewrote all contract terms for copy volumes, overages and labor needs
  • Reduced direct costs by $600,000 over five years
"After having severed all negotiations with our current vendor, we sought help from someone who could be our advocate in negotiating with them. After just a few meetings, they completely understood our needs, renegotiated terms to our wishes, reduced the costs by a wide margin, and rewrote the contract to suit us more than the vendor, but leaving us with a healthy attitude about the vendor. This would have been impossible with their help."
Legal Firm — savings of $700,000 (26%) over 5 years View Details
Client Goals
  • Help resolve contract issues and revise contract terms and conditions
  • Reduce overall cost per copy per unit
  • Improve vendor accountability
  • Reduce overall cost
  • Recommend best technology for each office
  • Negotiated with current vendor on behalf of client
  • Significantly restructured master contract
  • New terms and conditions that enhanced client flexibility
  • Reduced costs by $700,000 over 5 years
  • Upgraded all analog technology to digital
"Clear Advantage Group took our myriad of contracts and amendments and analyzed them with me, suggested numerous ways that they could be improved. I was skeptical that they could do anything before the contracts expired, but they assured me they could. After a few meetings with the vendor and numerous phone calls, they were, indeed, able to provide the help I needed, at drastically reduced prices!"
Healthcare Industry — savings of $100,000 (32%) over 3 years View Details
Client Goals
  • Review proposal from current vendor for fax, convenience and central copying at conclusion of contract
  • Recommend technology, watch for hidden contract terms, improved and benchmark vendor commitments, standards of performance
  • Provided insight into technology that affected the client's "digital strategy"
  • Recommended improvements in vendor terms and conditions that further guaranteed client protection
  • Established benchmark cost per copy which led to further negotiations on standardizing volumes and costs
  • Eliminated unnecesary costs and practices from vendor
  • Assured that appropriate structure was put in place to miminmIze liability to customer
"… Clear Advantage Group was very thorough in their examination of both the proposal and contract and was extremely prompt in their responses to us in regards to both. Also, [they were] very professional in their approach and were dedicated to seeing that we got the resolution with which we are happy."
Engineering Firm — savings of $500,000 (18%) over 3 years View Details
Client Goals
  • Assistance in negotiating expired Facilities Management Agreement
  • Determine benchmarks for copying, faxing, printing
  • Standardize evaluation procedures for digital technology
  • Improve terms and conditions with vendor
  • Reviewed entire application, current contract, and technology
  • Reduced cost by $500,000 over 3 years
  • Significantly improved service /supply standard for future contract
  • Improved overall structure and vendor contract
  • Shifted burden from client to vendor for accountability
"Clear Advantage Group assisted us on many levels including reviewing our current master contract, benchmark pricing, service standards, terms and conditions, vendor accountability issues and much more. Clear Advantage Group also assisted us with expediting the entire review process which had become a very time consuming project. Our only regret is not hiring Clear Advantage Group from day one of our review process. We were introduced to Clear Advantage Group about half way through our process and in my first conversation with Clear Advantage Group it was easy to see that this was the industry expert our Company needed."